Developer Countrywide have submitted plans to Bromley Council for 410 homes at “Churchill Quarter” on Ethelbert Road in Bromley.

Firstly, can developers STOP calling every bloody plan “quarter” or “village”?!

Now that’s off my chest let’s look at what they have in mind.

If approved, 40 homes, Bromley town church and three shops on Bromley High Street will be demolished to make way for the development.

Courtesy Google

Halifax bank would also be demolished.

Developers claim they will provide ” a new cultural destination and plaza around the Churchill Theatre and Library”.

The tallest building will be 15 floors. A new green walk is proposed between Church  House Gardens and Ethelbert Road.

Extensive and elaborate landscaping is shown but who will maintain after the first few years?

Time and time again areas like this become clogged with rubbish.

To see the plans in full click here then search using 18/02181/FULL1. As well as the full plans to view you can comment.