A teenage boy from Penge has been charged with 13 sexual assaults over just 10 days.

The suspect is accused of assaulting women near High Street shops such as Poundland and Lidl as well as railway stations.

The full list is:

February 9 – Beside Poundland High Street Penge

February 14 – Beside Lidl High Street Penge

February 15 – Penge East Railway Station

February 15 – Evelina Road, Penge

February 16 – Evelina Road, Penge

February 16 – Beckenham High Street

February 18 – Royston Road, Penge

February 18 – Ridsdale Road, Penge

February 23 – Kent House Railway Station

February 23 – Clevedon Road, Penge

February 27 – Near Pawleyne Arms High Street Penge

February 28 – Franklin Road, Penge

He is due to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on 10th September.

The boy was arrested by police in March 2019 and charged two days ago.