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88 year old man robbed of £1150 – do you know these men?

Police have launched an appeal after a frail 88 year old as robbed of £900 by men in Downham Way, Bromley. These three are wanted for questioning.

The victim had collected savings from a bank when approached by two men, who were described as “east European and aged 30 to 40”.

Two men distracted the man while the other stole his money and debit card.

£250 in cash was taken as well as a debit card to withdraw a further £900 from his account.

The incident happened on 23rd July. Sadly a month has passed so people’s memories will have faded and the chances of the men still being in the area lessened.

Detective Sergeant Lee Barnard, from Lewisham CID, said: “The suspects have clearly followed the victim nearly two miles from the bank before robbing him. This is a deplorable crime, the victim is clearly vulnerable, walks with a stick and is very frail. I am very keen to identify the suspects, as I am sure this is a well-rehearsed crime and I want to prevent anyone else falling victim.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information can call police on 101 or contact via Twitter @MetCC. Please quote CAD 3040/27JUL

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  1. Carol McDermott

    I too was scammed by these people too
    I believe. The larger one on the right of
    Pic stopped me to distract me, whilst the
    Other one opened my car door to steal
    Cash and bank card at Tesco sidcup.
    Shoppers beware!.

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