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A look at Bromley’s new tower block featuring 200 homes and Vue cinema

Cinema is part of new development including tower

A tower in Bromley town centre is nearing completion after years of construction. Named St Mark’s Square, the building is from developers U&I.

It’s certainly visible from many parts of the town centre. This view looking down the main pedestrianised street shows it visible at the far end.

I must say I have reservations about the finished article, or at least what’s evident so far. The detailing and quality looks poor. A tall tower is always going to be contentious and needs a high quality finish due to the strong presence. We don’t have this here.

The tower and related low-rise section will include 200 new homes, 9 restaurants, a Vue cinema and 130-bed Premier Inn hotel.

The tower is at its most slender when viewed from the east, as seen here by Waitrose car park.

None of the buildings in this area are an architectural masterclass. Lots of hulking 1980s and 1990s blocks abound, as does a huge car park beside the station. What a waste of land given the need for housing and people commuting from far further out on trains due to a lack of housing closer to central London.

Expanse of tarmac beside station. Poor planning

Much of London has this curious mix of under-used land and then towers stuck in between. This should be multi-storey parking with land freed up for new homes.

This tower could be the first of a few in the town centre which will be covered in future articles. One such tower is planned by Bromley North station

Thanks for reading. In coming weeks and months I hope to cover much that’s going on across Bromley borough (and occasionally beyond). Cheers!



  1. Richard M Brown

    I tend to agree about the poor finishes. Also there were water leak problems during the build. Completion has been put back to October 2018.

  2. Mors Magne

    I don’t agree with the suggestion that the Waitrose carpark should be replaced with a multistory carpark. This is because:
    1) It works just fine as it is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    2) A multistory carpark there would look absolutely hideous. Making the excuse that “none of the buildings are a masterclass anyway” is one of the worst I’ve ever heard.
    3) The housing problem is being caused by excessive immigration: It doesn’t matter how much accomodation one builds, an extra 200,000 immigrants per year will easily outstrip it. Remember that in the 80’s and 90’s, immigration was only about 10,000-20,000 per year. That is the ‘normal’ level.

    • Bromleylife

      Immigration could stop tomorrow and the backlog of needed housing is still vast. In the 90s far more homes were built per year with lower migration. Same for most decades in the 20th century. 350k built homes a year in the 1950s under Tories then Labour. 150k during much of the 2000s and 2010s. Massive difference. Immigration alone doesn’t explain the shortage.

      There’s examples of good quality multi storey design in many area. Not all are concrete boxes.

      Things aren’t fine and not in need of a fix. Many people now live in very expensive private rentals (often increasingly crowded with family homes converting to flat shares) and the numbes in that type of housing is increasing sharply. Many are unaware of this rapid change in the past decade.

  3. Steven Isle

    Another step in the ‘Croydonisation’ of Bromley. Why does the council think ever larger building projects enhance the town? More housing will inevitably lead to more strain on services: the NHS, schools, the police and transport.

    • Bromleylife

      They have housing targets to meet and many people desperately need homes. Those other services are underfunded and will see more funds but new homes or not, the figure per head stays the same.

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