News is out that £320,000 is to be spent renovating Bromley central library by operators Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL).

All 14 libraries in the borough are managed by GLL. Work will begin on 25th November and access to much of the building will be restricted from Monday 2nd December until to Saturday 7th December.

There has been an ongoing set of strikes across Bromley library staff. GLL do have a record of cutting pay and working conditions in other authorities.

As for the revamp, and toilets are to be installed – and books will sit alongside PCs and tablets. This is often a bit of a gimmick as tablets become outdated very quickly and there’s little funding to replace.

That’s not to put a dampener on the plans as much sounds excellent. New quiet areas will be created for study. This is key – as in the recent past much library design has ignored this element in favour of open plan. Not so good – particularly as for many adult learners a library is one of the few places they can study.

Work should be complete by January 2020.