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Bromley to see new hotel tower at town centre Royal Bell site?

Plans have been submitted to Bromley Council for a new hotel in the middle of town.

A tower is part of the scheme. The 50-bed hotel plan includes The Royal Bell, a 17th century building rebuilt in 1898.

Different plans have been suggested but nothing ever progressed.

One contentious element is a nine-storey tower though it will be located in the middle of an island of buildings, so visibility is limited.

The Royal Bell will be thoroughly refurbished under these plans and extended.

The architects behind the plans are involved in a highly rated scheme to refurbish Peckham Rye station to its former 19th Century glory.

Click here to see the plans.

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  1. Anthony

    If the picture is a exactly how it is going to look, I wish they could extend it above Mcdonalds it round to match the frontage.

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