The end looks nigh for HMV as the company has again crashed into administration putting 2,200 jobs as risk and over 100 stores including the Bromley branch.

Many branches closed after the company first failed in 2013 before being taken over by “turnaround specialists” Hilco.

It’s hard to see a second turnaround sadly.

I’ve many fond memories of HMV over the years as do many. Some of the first DVD’s I ever bought were there as well as some amazing albums and games. But I can’t remember when I last went in. And checking the website just now – almost everything is cheaper elsewhere.

They didn’t specialise enough, weren’t cheap enough and ultimately have been left behind. Throw in very high rent and business rates (the chancellor increasing them substantially in 2017 was moronic) and this is no surprise.

The Glades also hosts Debenhams who are under severe financial strain.